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Home Depot Vanities

Home Depot has the ugliest selection of bathroom vanities I have ever seen in my life.  I simply don’t get it; the cost of manufacturing an ugly, out of style vanity is almost the same as the cost of manufacturing a stylish, nice vanity.  Why Home Depot chooses the ugliest vanities on the market makes no sense to me.  I have to give them credit for selling a vanity for $199, but there are nicer vanities available online for the same price.  My primary issue is this: you are going to be using your vanity every day, multiple times, for as long as you live in your house.  Once you get ready to sell your house, a cheap vanity will hurt the value.  Why on God’s earth would anyone purchase one of these cheap vanities?  Worse, the quality is just bad.  They tend to leak, the drawers don’t open and shut smoothly, the faucets don’t turn on and off easiy, the finish isn’t perfect, and so on.

I would love to recommend Home Depot as a place to purchase a bathroom vanity, because their business model is ideal — they take only a small markup on whatever product they sell and try to make their money in volume.  Unfortunately, the buyers in Home Depots Bathroom department have simply failed to locate good looking, quality vanities.  (Their toilets and bathtubs are fairly hideous as well.)

Here are some pictures of the various vanities, toilets, and bathroom fixtures available at Home Depot.