Bathroom Vanities – A Complete Guide

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Green Bathroom Vanity

Green Bathroom Vanity

This contemporary bathroom vanity is made from stainless steel and painted with an oil based olive green color. The black drawers balance the green, although you might want to consider the glass front. While nice for style, it forces you to keep your drawers organized at all times. The faucet is sleek and water rolls off the edge of it in a cool waterfall style. If you opt for this style of vanity, consider buying the mirror and shelves from the same manufacturer – it’s hard to match this sort of style in any adhoc fashion. If you are a plant lover, consider this vanity for a bathroom filled with ivy and other plantlife.

Kohler Vanities

I just saw these twin wooden vanities on Kohler’s site. True classic bathroom design, in my opinion. They feature a dark granite countertop and stainless steel handles & faucets. I think these vanities would look good against both hardwood (as pictured) or a lighter tile.

Classic Bathroom Vanities by Kohler

Discount Vanities

Everyone wants more for less.  Well, lets do the math.  When you buy a high end vanity, you increase the value of your house.  When you buy a discount vanity, there is a good chance that a potential homebuyer could end up seeing the vanity as something that they will need to redo, thus massively decreasing the value of your home.  Now, things aren’t this simple.  If you manage to get your hands on a discount vanity that looks and feels like it is a high end vanity, it might not affect the price of your remodel as much.  Most appraisers don’t get into the specifics of the make and model of every fixture in your house.  They just don’t have the time (or dedication to accuracy, for that matter).  China is getting better and better and producing high quality vanity knockoffs of the major brands.  But…  And this is a big but… You are taking a big chance when you buy a discount vanity.  Buying one online is basically out of the question.  Just don’t do it.  If you can make a personal visit to a bathroom showroom and identify a high end discount vanity, then you aren’t taking much of a risk.  But this presents its own dilema.  The bathroom showroom business is extremely difficult.  Showrooms like to make a markup of almost 100% on the items they sell.  Running a showroom requires a huge rent payment, lease payment on the buildout, inventory payments, salary, and profit for the owner.  These showrooms are forced to charge a fortune just to make some money.  So you won’t find a discount vanity in a showroom.  As far as I can tell, there just isn’t a good solution.  Either you buy online and take a huge risk of receiving a cheap vanity that will waste your time and energy, or you go into a showroom and find that they don’t have any good looking discount vanities for sale.  What to do?  I say buy brand name.  In the end, the choice is yours.  Good luck.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

The cabinet of the vanity is everything below the countertop.  Vanity cabinets are available in a variety of materials — stainless steel, plastic, granite, glass, acrylic, and ceramic are the most common materials.  In my opinion, you should always avoid plastic vanities.  These are a new trend and they can look nice in pictures, but they fall apart and are just poorly made.  Spend the extra money.  My personal favorites are vanities made from stainless steel.  Granite, glass, and high-gloss acrylic are materials that look classy and will stand the test of time, so you probably won’t go wrong with those.  Another thing to take note of is the functionality of your vanity.  Some of the modern modern vanities look great, but they don’t offer much in the way of storage space.  You are going to be a lot happier with your bathroom if it has ample storage place with convenient, easy slide drawers or cabinets that smoothly open and shut.

Pegasus Bathroom Vanity

Pegasus Vanity

This is a simple Pegasus vanity.  The granite countertop has a luxury feel to it, and the black painted cabinet is made from real oak wood.  The vanity has a classic feel and is an affordable addition to your bathroom.  You’d be surprised how much of an improvement you can make on a bathroom just by swaping out an old vanity and replacing it with a newer one like this.  One thing to keep in mind is that if you have a bathroom was built before 1990, you can’t just pop in an ultra-modern vanity without redoing more of the bathroom.  But if you opt for a classic design like this, you can probably replace your existing vanity without remodeling the rest of your bathroom.